Our company

We are the head of business company of the Iberdrola Group in Spain

Iberdrola Energía Sostenible España, S.L.U. is a head of business company of the Iberdrola group, with registered offices in Spain, which carries out the deregulated activities of generation and selling of power through sustainable energy sources. Consequently, its purpose is to carry out all kinds of activities, works and services related to the business of producing and selling electricity that is obtained in facilities using sustainable energy sources, such as (among others) hydroelectric power, wind and photovoltaic power, nuclear, combined cycle, thermosolar, or biomass generation; and production, processing and selling of biofuels and derived products; and project, engineering, development, construction, operation, maintenance and disposal of the aforementioned facilities, whether owned by the company or third parties, and consulting services, engineering studies related to energy generation, environmental impact and technical and economic consultancy related to these types of facilities.

The activities mentioned above are essentially carried out in Spain by Iberdrola Energía Sostenible España, S.L.U. and are undertaken either directly, in whole or in part, or as shareholder, (directly or indirectly) in other companies or entities.